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PostSubject: Example Guild   Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:09 pm


,–¬¬¬–`-;:;;:Ýe Õlde Story Guild;.;::.;;:.:`____
,-–¬¬¬¬–`-.:.;|;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;;|;.| DLU ‘|;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;;|;.::.|_____
. .,–¬¬¬–´.:.|;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;;|;.::.,.-^*´¯ .:._,.-~-.,_.:..:..`~-,¸;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;;|;.::.`___
.|.:.|;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|,-*´.:..:,-*´ _,-^*¯,.-~~-.,¸`~-,¸ `~-,¸.:..:.`~-;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;;|;.::.|
.|;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|,-*´.:..:,-*´,-*´. ,-~*´,-~^~-,. `~-,¸`*~-,¸`~-,.:..:.`'-;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;;|;.|
.|:.;|;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;;|;.-´.:..:.,-´ ,-´ ,-^*´,-^*´,-^*``*^-,`~-,¸ `~-,. `-,. `-,.:..:.`-;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;;||
.|;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;;|;.::´.:..:.,-´,-´. ,-´ ,-*´,-^*¯………¯*^-,`~-, `-,. `-,. `-,.:..:.`;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;|
.|.:.|;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;,´.:..:,´ ,´. ,-´,-´,-*´…………………..`-, `-,. `-, `-, `-,.:..:.`;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;;|
.|;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:;;;|;;´.:..,´ ,´. ,´ ,´,-´………………………..`-, `-, `,. .`,. `,.:..:.';:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;|
/.:.|;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;:; |.:..;|. .|. .| |. /……………………………..\. |. |. . |. .|.:...|;:;:;;;|;.::.:.|;:;|


1. NO flaming!
2. NO spamming!
3. NO Art!
4. NO advertising!
5. When filling out an application, change the "Did" in "Did you read the rules?" to Deed.
6. Respect the people who work here; we don't have to do what you want.
7. Behave, or you will be stripped of all of your ranks and kicked out of the guild.
8. You must accept any given criticism. If you feel that a certain point is unfair, please share.


• Thread Administrator
Owner of the thread, can fire or hire anyone. Can accept or decline any application.

• Executive Administrator
Second in command. Can fire anyone except the Thread Administrator with good reason. Can accept or decline any application. Is in command when Thread Administrator is away. To achieve this position, you must be a loyal friend to everyone who works here.

• Reviewer Administrator
Can fire any Reviewer, except Chief Reviewers. Does what normal Reviewers do. You can achieve this position by becoming a Chief Reviewer and by being a leader and supporter of everyone below you.

• Secretary
Helps keep track of stories waiting to be reviewed in the Guild. You can be anything else in the guild and a Secretary at the same time.

• Chief Reviewer
Can fire any reviewer. Can only be fired by the Thread and Executive Admins. You can achieve this position by being an exceptional reviewer.

• Reviewer
Reviews stories on the Waiting List. Must have a history in the Ye Olde Reviewer's League.

Reviewing Process

Here's the process laid out simply:

1. Read the entire story.

2. Check to see if the applicant wants a numerical review, or a summary.

3. Give the type of review that the applicant wanted, and to it thoroughly. Do not start a review if you think you'll speed through it for whatever reason. You must take time and effort when crafting your review.

Numerical Review Rubric


Plot: /50
[Why you graded them so]

Description: /40
[Why you graded them so]

Character Development: /40
[Why you graded them so]

Twists & Effect: /40
[Why you graded them so]

Dialogue & Emotion: /35
[Why you graded them so]

Mechanics: /35
[Why you graded them so]

Originality: /10
[Why you graded them so]

Overall Score: /250

[Here, you will provide any notes on what they did well, and what they need to improve on. Also provide what rank you feel they should get, based on your opinion of the story, not the review]

What The Categories Mean

Plot- The plot is the storyline. It's the course of events starting with the Exposition.

Exposition - Rising Action - Climax - Falling Action - Conclusion

Description- The description of a story is vital to its success. If you don't get a vivid picture, it obviously won't get a good score. Please grade this category harshly, especially for short stories.

Character Development- Grade this category on how well a character develops over the course of the story. If it becomes too powerful, that's not good. If it doesn't change much at all, that's not good either. Don't grade this category if it's a short story.

Twists & Effect- The twists and effects of a story are the most influential in the plot. They are those moments of such emotional intensity, that make your stomach do a somersault when something goes horribly wrong.

Dialogue & Emotion- Dialogue is the speech inside of quotation marks ("..."). When grading dialogue, you need to keep in mind whether they used proper formatting or not:


The eerie figure slithered across the morning dew-dampened blades of grass.

"Oh god—kill it!" she screamed, "Kill it Jeremy!"

"I'm workin' on it! Stop screaming at me or I'll let it get ya!"

The girl continued to shriek like a banshee.


For emotion, it's quite simple. If you don't connect with the characters, and feel their emotion, it won't get the greatest score.

Mechanics- Mechanics are the usage of grammar, punctuation, etc.

Originality- Grade them on how original the story was. This category is often overlooked, please don't be lenient.

Summary Review Guide

Introduction - tell them opinion of story - say what they did wrong, give examples, and how to fix it - tell what they did right, with examples - tell their strongest and weakest points, and advice on how to improve - give the rank you think the story deserves, not what the review says they should get - closing sentence.

And please remember to put a space between paragraphs; a large block of text is not pleasant to look at.

When you review a story, PLEASE don't give the rank based on their score, base it off of what you think their story should earn.

Author Ranks

• Essayist
Your story is short; it doesn't capture the attention of your readers. Your mechanics aren't good at all and you slop some characters on a page. Your dream of joining the Elite is little more than that—a dream.

• Columnist
Your story is still not attention-catching, but at least it's entertaining. Your characters are still sloppy but your mechanics are just below satisfactory.

• Scribe
You are adept at making interesting plots. You might be in the local newspaper, but you're thinking about presenting a real manuscript. Becoming one of the Elite will require practice and determination

• Ink Slinger
You can make us visualize details that some forget to add in. Your characters are somewhat believable. Your mechanics are now acceptable and are not eyesores.You have fun with it and you do it in your spare time.

• Journalist
Your stories are very entertaining, and the plot pulls people in. Your mechanics now make you sound like an educated person. We can connect with your characters now! You're a breath away from stardom, how exciting!


• Word Slinger
Your mechanics and description must be in the 80's or higher for this. No one wants to stop reading your stories. You've finally made it to the E-Lounge, enjoy!

• Ghost Writer
All categories must rank in the 80's or higher for this. The epic tales that come out of your hands are fantastic! You make sure to check for mistakes, and you correct them accordingly.

• Word Smith
All categories must rank in the 90's. Your tales must be breath-taking and they must capture the reader's attention in a way that's indescribably alien. When the reader is asked to give feedback, they give proper positives and negatives (If they're professionals), or they will simply stammer and be at a loss for words. You're the bad boy (or girl!) that owns his own couch in the E-Lounge, and the table next to it always has a bowl with fresh cookies in it. Congratulations to you!


-|ð|- Author Application -|ð|-

Name of Applicant:
Name of Story:
Have we reviewed a story of yours before:
Do you want a numerical review, or a summary:
Did you read the rules:
Rule #7:
Additional Info:

-|ð|- Reviewer Application -|ð|-

Did you read the rules:
Have you ever had any experience in this area:
Do you understand the instructions:
Have you been a reviewer anywhere? If so, where:
Rule #2:
Additional Info:

Waiting List

There are currently 4/5 spots open in the Waiting List

Name of Applicant: BrentGuy
Name of Story:How we Die
Have we reviewed a story of yours before: Yes
Do you want a numerical review, or a summary: Numerical, please.

Name of Applicant:
Name of Story:
Have we reviewed a story of yours before:
Do you want a numerical review, or a summary:

Name of Applicant:
Name of Story:
Have we reviewed a story of yours before:
Do you want a numerical review, or a summary:

Name of Applicant:
Name of Story:
Have we reviewed a story of yours before:
Do you want a numerical review, or a summary:

Name of Applicant:
Name of Story:
Have we reviewed a story of yours before:
Do you want a numerical review, or a summary:

Hall of Fame
This section is for those talented authors who’ve achieved the awesome ranking of Word Smith, congratulations to you!


I hope this helps all of your Guild-Creating needs! king
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Example Guild
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