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 Intro to Schools

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PostSubject: Intro to Schools   Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:36 pm

A School is where one is taught how to write, review, or just to lead in generally. Your school can teach anything as long as it is relevant to these forums.

You should find people who know a lot about whatever your school teaches, and ask them if they want to become a teacher at your school. Then, other people in this community can enroll if they feel they need some schooling.

What I would do, is give them assignments. These assignments should teach them about different ideas or styles, or even how to do something properly. They need to get a score on how they did, and they need a lot of constructive criticism on what they did wrong, and the correct way to do it. Keep "schooling" them until you deem them worthy of stepping out into the community.

It's that simple! king

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Intro to Schools
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