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 Intro to Libraries

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PostSubject: Intro to Libraries   Sun Nov 30, 2008 12:29 pm

Hey guys, a library is pretty much just a collection of books. This is how it generally works:

1. People apply to have a story put in the library, using an application the the owner of the Library has put there for use.

2. An employee from the Library goes to read the story, then comes back and tells the owner if it should be added.

3. A library is like a directory, so you should list what type of story it is, how long it is, who wrote it, and where it is in the forums.

4. The first thing the people should look for in an application is if they've been reviewed by any guilds, and what the story's rank was. Here's an example of a good application the owner of the library could put down in their applications section:

Name of Author: [Applicant fills this out as necessary]
Name of Story: [Applicant fills this out as necessary]
Type of Story: [Applicant fills this out as necessary]
Length of Story: [Applicant fills this out as necessary]
Guilds that have Reviewed this Story: [Applicant fills this out as necessary]
Ranks this story has received: [Applicant fills this out as necessary]

A library owner could add anything else to that. king

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Intro to Libraries
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