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 Intro to Reviewing Guilds

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PostSubject: Intro to Reviewing Guilds   Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:04 pm

Hello all, this is an introduction for anyone who wants to create their own group to review stories. Creating and managing a guild is really a great thing, but there's a lot of things that go into it.

I've owned and operated in many guilds like these, and they work very well. Before you start, you should know a few things:

1. Guilds don't tend to be a permanent thing. They start off slow, then they get really moving if you've done your job well, then they begin to die. Don't feel discouraged if your guilds starts to lose activity, just get it closed down and create a new one!

2. When managing a guild, be as polite and well-mannered as possible. People appear to be more official and likable when they can speak well.

3. The "customer" always comes first. A lot of people don't understand what this means; they think it means that it means getting a review done over managing the guild. It doesn't necessarily mean this, but certainly includes it. It really means that when you're faced with a problem regarding a person's contentedness, you need to deal with the "customer" first. This doesn't always mean making them happy, but it certainly means dealing with them so that they're off your back.

I'll have an example guild in another topic so you can all see what a guild should look like.

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Intro to Reviewing Guilds
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